Raised around aircraft, I was predisposed to respect and appreciate all things mechanical at an early age. My father nurtured my curiosity and non-linear thinking, which set me on course to pursue perfection in my work.

My history includes a short stint with metal fabrication, including the production of industrial shelving and safes. My early infatuation with cars led me to mechanics, body and paint, but I craved further artistic avenues. With a keen interest in panel beating, I began my journey in the world of hot rods customs and restoration.

All past and progressive work displayed on my site is crafted using traditional methods. From wheeling to forge (hammer) welding, and from shot-bag to hammers and weights, my process honours traditional, established practices.

I welcome you to peruse my automotive restoration; hot rod and custom fabrication; aircraft restoration; experimental aircraft panel design and fabrication; and motorcycle sheet metal restoration and custom fabrication projects.

In all of us who hone a craft, there is an innate understanding of our work—a sensitivity to subtleties others may not observe. I absorb the stance, curves and minute details of every custom I admire or admonish. I appreciate those works of art where every detail speaks perfection. When studying the imperfect, I make mental notes on how they can be “persuaded” to perfection. Curse or blessing? You decide. This is the art of hot rod customization that I live and breathe, as I “reshape the box”.

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